Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EUROPE 2013 VACATION-NEDERLAND (aka The Netherlands aka Holland)




We left home yesterday to begin a 5 week vacation through western Europe via train. Armed with our Eurail passes and two carry-on bags each we arrived in Amsterdam this morning. Customs was fast and slick. There is a train station at the airport we caught a train to Amsterdam Schloterdijk station where we changed to a train to Haarlem. It was around 11:30 when we arrived. Mike checked us in, told us our room probably wasn’t cleaned, but we could drop our luggage off in the room.After dropping our luggage off we set out to see Haarlem and keep moving to help overcome jet lag.

It was soon evident the majority of people ride bicycles, which share space with pedestrians, so one has to watch out for them more than cars. Haarlem is a cozy little town and easy to wander around. It has several canals running through it and a cute windmill.

Haarlem windmill

Grand Church on the square by our hotel

                       It is a beautiful sunny cool day. After a few hours we realized we had seen all we needed to see of Haarlem. Since it was mid afternoon and in attempt to overcome jet leg we decided to get on the train and go see the city of Utrecht. Jim had read that is was quaint little town, and it was. The Dutch love to sit outside and eat their meals, so we stopped at a restaurant and had dinner. Afterwards we headed back to Haarlem. By about 2030 I hit the wall and went to bed, hoping to sleep through the night.

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