Wednesday, May 8, 2013




The sun gods woke us up with a beautiful morning today. After hoofing it back to our favorite bakery, we bought some more pastries plus a baguette, some prosciutto, and some cheese (to make our own lunch). On the way Jim was able to get some more pictures with morning sunlight. Another treat was the produce and meat market set up on the square by the Church of the Holy Blood.

Getting to Luxembourg involves going through Brussels. Once there we could not find an information center, and once again we stood around looking like deer in the headlights. I finally saw one train going to “Bruxelles-Luxemburg.” Did that mean a train going from Brussels to Luxembourg, or is there a train station in Brussels named Luxemburg? We went down to the track and found a small control booth where a man told us the next train was not going to Luxembourg, but there would be one on that track in half an hour that would take us to Luxembourg (turns out there is a train station named Luxemberg in Brussels). Each track has a marquis that will scroll all the stops. The one for our train had four French words in front of “Luxembourg.” I started wondering if it meant the train would split at one of the stops and told Jim we needed to check with the conductor (many of whom don’t speak much English). Fortunately ours spoke enough to tell us when we get to the end of the line, we will have to transfer to another train.

We arrived in Luxembourg just before 1600, walked 150 meters to our hotel, checked in, a took off for a quick look. Unfortunately, our weather luck has run out—light rain. We walked for about an hour, found the TI, took in the beauty of the Grund (a beautiful tree filled gorge) and came back to the room, hoping for better weather tomorrow.

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