Monday, April 30, 2012


 Last year we decided to stay "home" and vacation in America. The original thought was to fly back to Illinois, stay at Hank and Linda's, and just get up in the mornings and drive where ever we felt like, with one goal being Niagara Falls. When I called Hank to ask if we could stay at their cabin and told him we were going to go to Niagara Falls he said he and Linda would go with us! GREAT! Later Jim decided he would rather drive back so we could stop and see places on the way. So today, we left around 1:30 PM and headed for Rawlins WY. We have a list of things we want to see, but are totally flexible and will stop and see anything that looks interesting on the way. Many of the places on our list are historical Mormon pioneer sites, plus a few LDS temples. 

We spent 4 1/2 hours driving through southwestern Wyoming. Driving through southern Wyoming was like driving through eastern and southern Nevada. Jim's dad says "They can't even grow a decent stand of sagebrush in Wyoming." He is so right! My Sprint service was on roaming mode the entire drive across the state.Sure hope they have regular service in Nebraska. We made one quick stop at Fort Bridger, took a picture of the statue of Jim Bridger, and headed onto Rawlins WY. After checking prices at a few motels we settled on the Oak Tree Inn. We got a voucher good for a choice of two different full breakfasts OR $7.75 to use towards any meal. We decided to use if for dinner...I got a buffalo salad (the buffalo was delicious) and Jim got Salisbury steak. Dinner ended up costing us $4.50. The shocker came when they gave us the voucher back and told us to bring it in the morning for breakfast! Such a deal!

 The USA had such a great diversity of landscapes, cities, and places to see. We are very excited about this trip! Hopefully tomorrow there will be pictures to post.