Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We made it to LA yesterday morning. Jimbo picked us up & we spent the day hanging out-a surprise visit to Tom & Lois, lunch, a walk down Redondo Beach, a nap in the hotel. It was nice spending the day with Jimbo. He spent the night with us in the hotel & will be driving us to the airport as soon as we wake him up!! The really funny thing is Tom & Lois will be on the same flight to Atlanta. They are going to Florida for their grandson's graduation from FSU. The not so funny thing is I just realized a few days ago that the flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg is 15 (that is FIFTEEN) hours & 20 coach...with somebody sitting in between us. UGH! Why somebody in between us? Because Jim likes the aisle & I like the window (so I can lean on the wall when I sleep), & neither one of us feels like it is worth sitting next to each other to give up our position! Yes it is all about me! Wish us luck! AFRICA HERE WE COME!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Beginning

As Jim & I are getting ready to start a 6 week adventure to Africa & beyond, I decided I would start our own blog. We'll see how I do since I am not overly computer savvy. Adding pictures will be the biggest challenge! Wish me luck!