Friday, May 16, 2014



Boy, were we ever glad to see Johnny again this morning! He took us to several different markets, one of which was a pet market. It had mostly birds, but there were bats, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs. 


We had a pork lunch at a local restaurant. Across the street was the studio of a wood carver who used large tree roots. Linda would have liked to bring this sun home. It was about 7 feet in diameter.

Sadly, after lunch we had to drive Linda and Hank to the airport and say good-bye. I only cried a little bit. :-(

Johnny drove us to the east coast to a fish market.

There is a lot of manual labor going on.

Transporting ice to a boat

Taking a break, playing cards

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a new cultural park the government of Bali has built to attract tourists. One of the goals is to build a massive statue with Garuda. So far they have two heads of it constructed.
Dancers hanging out on the stage for photo ops

Bust of the rider

Group of students who were enamored with the Americans

Head of the Garuda

College students studying tourism who had to find foreign tourists and ask them questions

We got back to the hotel before sunset, so we decided to hang out on the beach to see if maybe tonight there would be a spectacular sunset. It had some promise but fizzled out. We walked far enough to reach McDonalds and had an American dinner.

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