Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A 90 minute flight took us to Rangon, Myanmar, a new country for all! It has only been open to foreign travelers since 2010. Many thanks to Hank for thinking about coming here, because it wasn’t even a consideration for Jim and me.

Adam, the driver from the Chatrium Hotel, picked us up. We asked him about getting a guide and driver for our short time here. He told us he could take us to the Shwendagon Pagoda tonight, and arrange for a guide for us tomorrow and he could be the driver. It was great because the hotel shuttle is a nice roomy, air conditioned Toyota van.

The Pagoda was overwhelming to say the least. We knew there was a huge golden pagoda, but had no idea it was part of a huge complex that included several smaller pagodas and many Buddhist temples where many people were worshipping. It is required by all to be barefoot in any Buddhist shrine, and we soon discovered why so many people are there in the evening…the pavement, even though white, is very hot.

We hung out at the pagoda long enough for it to become dark so we could see it with the lights on. Afterwards Adam took us to a Myanmar restaurant where we enjoyed some yummy local food.

All boys are required to do monk training for at least 1 week

People pour cups of water over the Buddha-one for each year of their life.

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