Saturday, May 17, 2014



Our flight to Yogyajakarta leaves at 1925 tonight, so Johnny picked us up this morning at 0800 and took us to the east coast area of Bali. On the way there we passed a rice paddy that was in various stages. Jim was in photographer’s heaven.
Japanese cow

Johnny took us out to the ocean where we watched the process of salt production. It is so incredibly labor intensive, and he makes so little money. 

He makes numerous trips back and forth covering the sand with the salt water.
He does this four days in a row before straining the sand and putting it in the troughs to dry.

Sea salt!

What a great smile despite all his hard work!

Next we went to an “original” Balinese village. It turns out they were preparing for a village festival honoring a newly deceased member.

Coconuts provide the coals for grilling

Grilling the satays

Invited guests arriving for the feast

The Goa Lawah Temple aka the Bat Temple was quite interesting.

LOTS of bats!

The final temple we saw was surrounded by a pond. 

Statue in roundabout

On the way back to the hotel we went through Ubud so Jim could buy a good quality small painting. He had seen prints in the souvenir stands, but wanted an original. The guy told us $120, we told him we only had 500,000 Rhupia ($44)…he took it!

McDonalds delivers!

We had half an hour to shower and clean up before heading to the airport. We arrived in Yogyakarta around 2000, where Supy, our guide, and Sam, our driver, met us, took us to the hotel, and told us they will pick us up at 0430 tomorrow morning.

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