Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Jim and I got up early and took a taxi to the Pagoda so Jim could take some sunrise pictures. I sat in the shade of one of the temples and waited for him. Two college girls came and sat down by me and asked if I would talk to them so they could practice their English. We had a very enlightening conversation.

Buddhist nuns

Adam and our guide, Rajit, met us at the hotel at 0900 for a day of seeing the people of Yangon. First stop was the morning market. The people go to the market everyday to buy their food for the day.

Next we went down to the river to watch the people crossing back and forth in longboats. Rajit told us tourists are not allowed to ride the longboats, but he would take us across on the ferry.

Once across the river we each hopped on a bicycle taxi to take a ride through the “countryside”. It was a ride through one of the villages where we were able to meet and see how the people live, including a wedding reception. The people are all so friendly and inviting. It was an incredible experience.

Bride (age 17) & groom (age 20)

Lunch was at another open air local restaurant. Rajit told us it is where the “rich” people eat. Lunch for 6 of us was $25, and there was a lot of food.

Two Buddhist temples and some white elephants were also on the agenda.  
The marble Buddha carved from one large piece of marble in 2000

Reclining Buddha which is larger than the one in Bangkok
We ended the day at the west side of the Pagoda so Jim could take pictures from a distance with the evening sun.

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