Thursday, May 15, 2014

MONDAY, 12 MAY 2014

Our guide, Johnny, picked us up at 0815 this morning and told us of the plan to take us to the north area of the island (Denpasar is on the southern coast). The island of Bali is 90% Hindu. We soon came to realize that Hinduism is not just a religion, but it is a way of life. Every Hindu home has a temple in it, plus each village has several village temples. They worship and present offerings at their temples every day, all day. 

Our first stop was a cultural center where they performed a dance that told a story. The costumes were fantastic!


A stop at a batik factory showed how labor intensive the process is. 

Adding beeswax to help with the dye
The area of Ubud has many different types of artists-stone carvers, wood carvers, and painters. Johnny stopped at one of the stone carving shops to show us some of the artists carving the stone. 

Linda saw a statue of koi that she really liked. 

They're on their way to Freeport!

On the way to Mount Batur we stopped to see Tegalalang Rice field, a small terraced rice paddy. 

Mt Batur

Buffet lunch
The Tirta Emul is a temple that contains a natural spring creating a pool whose water is considered sacred. The people come to cleanse themselves in the pools.

Women are forbidden to enter if they are having their period

We had to wear a sarong in order to enter the temple

Hindu Hank!

With our guide, Johnny

After returning to the hotel we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe for a shopping spree and dinner.

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