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Last fall I got in touch with a couple we had met on our Africa cruise in 2011 named Lilian and Iain. Lilian is from Brazil, Iain is from Scotland, and they live in Rio. Unfortunately they are currently out of the country, but before they left they hooked us up with a taxi driver named Luiz Fernades. Luiz is FABULOUS! He was waiting for us even though we were an hour early.

It was raining when we landed, so we weren’t sure what kind of a day we would have. The ride into the city took about an hour-long enough for the rain to stop. Our first stop was a set of stairs called Escadaria Selaron.Ă³n

Further into the city Luiz parked next to the Catedral Metropolitana.

A nice walk brought us to a central area highlighting the Theatro Municipal that is in the final stages of renovation. A 50 minute tour showed us the true beauty of the theatre. 

While we were visiting the theatre the sun managed to start peeking through the clouds. It seemed as if the weather gods were once again with us.

Luiz dropped us off at a very popular restaurant where we enjoyed a Brazilian buffet for lunch.

As we wandered through different streets on our way back to the car I noticed Luiz always looking behind us. Jim’s camera is a great target for thieves, but Luiz assured us he would keep us safe…and he did.

Presbyterian church. Its spires and granite are
reminiscent of the Salt Lake City temple.

It was about 1700 when we got back to the car. The plan was to take us to the hotel next. However, the sun was shining in between the clouds, Sugarloaf Mountain was out in full force, so Luiz suggested we visit it before checking into the hotel. It was a great idea!

The Cristo Redentor kept peeking in and out of
the clouds.

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