Sunday, January 24, 2016



Before Luiz picked us up at 0900 we went up to the roof to take some pictures. The crowds were just getting started on Copacabana Beach.

After stopping for breakfast and then returning Jim's big camera to the hotel (because Luiz told him it would be a big target for thieves) we stopped at Ipanema Beach.

The bar where "The Girl From Ipanema" used to pass by everyday.

Next we went to the Hippie Fair which is an outdoor market filled with people selling their wares and lots of good food.

Women from the Salvador region of Brazil. Almost everything they cook
has tapioca in it.

Next we went to the Sao Cristovao Fair, which is much larger than the Hippie Fair. It has two stages on opposite sides of the venue, both playing loud music. Again, there were booths selling their wares and lots of restaurants grilling yummy meats. Too bad we stuffed ourselves at the Hippie Fair.

And my boys thought the wooden spoon we had was big!

I about fainted when I saw this old guy do the splits. He leaned over and put
his head on his leg too!

Before dropping us off at the hotel, Luiz drove us to the bay across from Sugarloaf Mountain so Jim could take some pictures.

Luiz called this Monkey Fruit. Not edible by humans,
but neat flowers.

After we got back to the hotel we took a short walk on the beach that was full of people. The view from the roof tells the story compared to this morning.

Jim having fun playing with his reflexion. 

Our time in Rio is over. We are so grateful to have had Luiz as our guide because he showed us so much of the beauty of Rio de Janeiro and helped to create many wonderful memories.

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