Saturday, January 23, 2016



We woke up to rain today, not heavy, but an off and on drizzle. Luiz picked us up and first took us to breakfast at a local bakery. He ordered a French roll cheese sandwich with melted cheese. It was wonderful, along with fresh squeezed orange juice.

After breakfast it was off to the Dona Marta favela. A favela is a slum, many of which are built on steep hills. Our guide, Gilson, met up with us and took us to the top of the favela in a funicular. He then guided us down the hill and pointed out some of the good points. ,

Gilson, our favela guide, & Luiz. This is inside Gilson's house in the favela.
His mom collects clocks.

Michael Jackson once visited.

After the favela Luiz drove us to Santa Teresa Hill, where, on a clear day, we would have had a spectacular view of Rio, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Christ the Redeemer. As it was we saw some cute monkeys and a limited view of the city.

Onto lunch where Luiz ordered Feijoada, a marvelous stew with black beans, jerked meat, sausage, beef rib and pork. It was served with rice, greens, and some sort of ground up meal with pieces of fried pork rinds in it.

After lunch we worked our way back to the hotel. The rain let up, so Jim and I took a walk up Copacabana Beach. On the way back it started to rain so we got soaked, but it was warm. The Feijoada filled us up so much we didn’t even eat dinner.

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