Saturday, May 7, 2011


We woke up to sunshine and saw the mountains off in the distance. Our flight to Auckland was uneventful. Jim and I arrived at the domestic side, but we had to walk to the international side to meet up with Hank and Linda and to retrieve our long lost suitcase. Fortunately the Auckland airport is not very big and there is only one door for international passengers to walk through. Jim waited for the Fortneys with our luggage, and I left to find our suitcase. I wasn’t 30 feet away when Jim yelled out, I turned around and saw Linda and about timing. After retrieving the suitcase, we picked up our minivan, and drove to the Holiday Inn near the airport. How did we ever survive without GPS units?

The Fortneys had been traveling for over 36 hours, so they cleaned up, then we hired a cab to take us into Auckland. Jim got some great photos of the skyline. We walked around for awhile, ate dinner at a nice seafood restaurant, then came back to the hotel. 

Cosmy bear met some new friends in the Rugby store.

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