Sunday, May 22, 2011


Saturday mornings the area known as The Rocks hosts an outdoor market. We tried some Japanese food and walked around the booths for an hour or so.

Sydney Australia LDS temple

There is an LDS temple in the suburb of Carlingford that Jim & I were hoping to see,

and there is a pentacostal church college called Hillsong, in the suburb of Baulkham Hills which happens to be near to Carlingford. So we rented a car and made Jim drive us out to see both places.

We took some time to walk around Circular Quay after we got back, which is right by the hotel.

There were some Aborigine guys in costume playing music.
Playing a didgeridoo

One thing popular to do in Sydney is cruise the harbor. Now there are two ways one can do this: 1) You can pay a private tour company big bucks and take their big fancy boat, or 2) you can buy a city transit ticket or pass and go out on the city ferry. We chose two-the ticket was $15 round trip to Manly Beach. Jim and I got a 7 day pass for $42 which will allow us to ride all ferries, all city busses, and some of the trains for the rest of the time we are here (sadly Linda & Hank are leaving tomorrow). Manly Beach is the name of a small town on the east side of the harbor, not a beach full of studly men. The trip out took 30 minutes. We didn’t get off, but stayed on and came back to Sydney.

There were sailboats everywhere!

Entrance to Sydney Harbour

When we did the Bridge Climb we were given tickets to go up to the top of one of the pylons for a view. Jim was hoping to go up in the afternoon to get pictures of the Opera House. It was a big walk to get up to the pylon then 200 stairs to get to the top. Linda and I decided to pass and let the guys go, while we wandered through the market. We had agreed to meet up with the guys at the hotel at 1730, but decided to sit outside at Starbucks and enjoy the evening air and wait for the guys to go by. At 1750 we hadn’t seen them so we walked across the street to the hotel and found them standing outside. Turns out they were too late to climb the pylon so they had come right back and evidently passed us by in the market.

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