Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Nothing specific was planned for today and tomorrow, so we headed up the coast to Port Arthur which all the locals say is a must do. A discovery we have made is we are not always very impressed with “must do” places, Port Arthur being one of those. It is a small seaside tourist trap town, which had a Sunday market that we walked through. Cape Tribulation is an hour drive past Port Arthur and the entrance into the Daintree Rainforest. Now, remember, I said in New Zealand we had decided not to go to another rainforest, but we decided to drive to Cape Tribulation just to see it...that is until we came to the ferry which cost $21 round trip to cost. Ferry here equates to no one built a bridge across the Daintree River so there is a small barge guided by ropes that takes cars across. At this point we decided to turn around and go back to a crocodile farm.

There are LOTS of BIG crocodiles in Australia, which means there are LOTS of tourist venues that offer tourists like us the opportunity to ride on a boat to see some. We chose one that was in between Port Arthur and our hotel.

                      The death roll

It turned out to provide us with more than just huge crocodiles–more kangaroos

                                    a BIG spider,




and cassowaries, another flightless bird that looks like a dinosaur.

Myriads of sugarcane fields cover the farmland.

Jim stopped to take a picture and we ran into a pair of birds who immediately started yelling at us when we stopped. My first thought was they must have a chick somewhere close by, and sure enough, pretty soon this little ball of fluff started running through the grass, then hunkered down so we couldn’t see him.

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