Sunday, May 9, 2010


Same morning routine-get up eat breakfast. New routine-finish packing, ride in a cab to the Ocean Princess, sit for 1 ½ hours waiting for immigration officials to show up so we could check in. They told us yesterday we could check in at 11 AM so we thought we would check in early and maybe take the cable up to Table Mountain since it was a beautiful sunny day. However, we didn’t get settled in until around 1 PM, it gets dark here at 6 PM, and, we figured by the time we took the cab up to the cable, waited in line, and took tthe ride up, we wouldn’t have much time to look around.

Instead we did two loads of laundry and then walked 3 miles down the coastline to the lighthouse and back. We also saw one of the stadiums where some of the FIFA World Cup games will be played. It is so beautiful here.

The exciting news is the shark cage dive is on for tomorrow.

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