Monday, May 24, 2010

19-21 MAY 2010 - 3 SEA DAYS

21 MAY 2010 - DAY 3 OF 3 SEA DAYS

Today was a ditto of Thursday. I finished my cross stitch and laid out at the pool for an hour. There was a magician for the show tonight-he did a couple of levitation tricks that were amazing.

20 MAY 2010 - DAY 2 OF 3 SEA DAYS
We got up earlier this morning to fight for a washing machine. There are four washing machines and four dryers in the laundry. We had to wait about 20 minutes for one, and now we have clean clothes. Afterwards it was breakfast, trivia, journaling/reading, English Pub lunch, nap, trivia, juggling show, dinner.

19 MAY 2010 - DAY 1 OF 3 SEA DAYS
Like other sea days-sleep in until 9 AM, eat, cross stitch/read, play trivia, eat, cross stitch/read, play trivia, walk/jog for an hour, eat.

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