Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The plan for today was to get off the ship with Brynn and Eunice and find a taxi to take us around. Brynn struck up a conversation with one of the Banjul tourist “officials” allowed on the ship. His name was Abraham, and he said he would get a taxi for us and take us wherever we wanted to go. We told them we wanted to see crocodiles, birds, and ride a pirogue on the river. They told us it would cost $150 for all of us (the ship’s price was $119 per person).

We hopped in the mini bus and headed for the Kachikaly Pool where they have a small pond with crocodiles in it. On the way we saw some baobob trees. They are huge, old tree, whose trunks feel like cement.

Kopok tree.

One crocodile was on the path and the guide told us it was okay to touch it.

There were a lot of children hanging out on the road, and Eunice made the comment that she wished we had some sweets to offer them. Our driver stopped by a small shop and Abraham hopped out and bought four bags of little suckers, which ended up costing us $5 a bag! It was amazing how many kids and adults swarmed the van when we started giving them out.

Next we drove to the river to an area where oysters are harvested. They were very small oysters, and Jim had no desire to try them. We got on one of the pirogues and they took us around the mangrove trees.

We saw a couple of women harvesting oysters, and a few sand birds but none of them were too exciting. It was too hot to view any of the exotic birds.

After leaving the river we stopped at a meat market full of goats and cattle. They keep them tied up and wait for someone to buy one, where they can have them slaughtered there or take them home and have it done.

Arch 22 is a 114 foot archway that commemorates the bloodless military coup of 22 July 1994. It offered a nice view of Banjul.

The Banjul market was much like all of the other markets we’ve visited on this trip. We walked out onto the beach and saw some fishing boats and many people drying out fish, sharks, and stingrays.

The guys dropped us off at the ship, and we has a large throng of vendors to walk through before we could get to the gangway. It was very hot, but a fulfilling day.

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