Saturday, May 20, 2017



 The stop today was Dublin, Northern Ireland. Our tour guide had a rented van because her vehicle was in the shop. Evidently it wasn't legal for her to use, because the local police told her she could not take us around. She arranged for a taxi driver, Sed, to take us to see the sites. Sed later told us she was fined 400 pounds. 
We spent the morning touring the city visiting the Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods and seeing a few of the 150 murals dedicated to the cause. Even though the violence no longer exists there is still a lot of tension and unforgotten memories.

The "Peace" Fence

writing our names on the Peace Fence mural

Pallets, used to create large bonfires on July 12th.

Plastic bullet used by the police during riots.

At our last stop in the city we ran into a pair of missionaries. This is Elder Plewe-his dad and Jim work together!

We spent the afternoon driving to the coast and seeing some of the beautiful sights. 

Giant's Causeway

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