Saturday, May 20, 2017

FRIDAY, 19 MAY 2017


The port today was Greenock, Scotland, gateway to Glasgow. Since Glasgow is a big industrial city, we decided to take the train to Lanark, and visit a UNESCO site called New Lanark, a preserved cotton mill society. It was beautiful.
Lanark is only 40 miles from Greenock, but a 2 hour train ride. After our visit we got to the train station in plenty of time. Unfortunately, the electrical system on our train broke down and they canelled it. We were supposed to be back on the ship at 1730 (5:30 PM)...if we waited for the next train we wouldn't get back to the Greenock train station, a 20 minute walk from the port, until 1730. We grabbed a lone cab, agreed to pay the 85 pounds, and took off at 1515 (3:15 PM). He got us to the ship at 1700 (5 PM). Wouldn't you know of the ship's excursion buses didn't get back to the port until 1800 (6 PM). We would have been okay waiting for the later train! 












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