Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2012


An unexpected treat awaited us at the border...1000 Islands, and area along the St. Lawrence River containing more than 1000 Islands, many of which have homes on them. It was absolutely beautiful. I would love to come back here in the fall! There is a privately owned tower with spectacular views.

Border crossing

After crossing the border we drove to Watertown NY, then decided to take the scenic route to Palmyra NY, site of a lot of church history. The first stop we made in Palmyra was the temple.

Next, the Smith family farm...
replica of the log home

the farm

the temple from the farm

Alvin Smith started this home in anticipation of his upcoming marriage but died before finishing it. His brothers finished it and the Smith family moved into it from the log cabin.

a walk through the sacred grove...

the Hill Cumorah...

By the time we left the Hill Cumorah it was after 7 PM. Jim wanted to get a picture of the Grandon building in town where the first Book of Mormon was published and also get some pictures of the Erie Canal, another unexpected treat, as we had no idea it flowed through Palmyra.

We decided to spend the night in Webster, on the east side of Rochester. Just outside of Palmyra we drove through the small village of Macedon, where one of the locks of the Erie Canal is located.

It was another great day, filled with great experiences, and with this I am caught up on the blog for the moment!

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