Monday, May 14, 2012



Jim got up early and went out to get some early morning pictures.

The hotel clerk told us about a unique spider sculpture at the the museum, across the street from the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  When the rest of us got up, we drove down, checked out the spider and the cathedral, then perused the market.

Inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame

Unfortunately the Funky Retro Store wasn't open.

It was a true farmer's market where most of the items being sold were produce.

fiddleheads from ferns

Jim bought a BeaverTail--like a Utah scone covered in cinnamon sugar.
After eating a sausage sandwich and some yummy cupcakes we headed for Quebec, the French Canadian province. The traffic into Montreal was horrific (especially for a Saturday) so we decided to just stop at the temple for some pictures then drive onto Quebec City.

Our hotel in Quebec is the Hotel du Vieux-Quebec, which means Hotel of Old Quebec. It is located within the walls of the old city and is completely charming.
It was dinner time when we arrived. Hank asked for suggestions for restaurants. We settled on the Aux Anciens Canadiens where they serve wild game including elk, bison, wild boar, pheasant, and caribou. It was very expensive and not that great. Desserts were good: creme brulee', maple syrup pie, and apple cheesecake. It is located in the oldest house in Old Quebec.
By the time we were done with dinner it was drizzling, so we walked back to the hotel, played a few rounds of Euchre in the homey lounge, then hit the sack.

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