Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SUNDAY, 13 MAY 2012


Clouds greeted us this morning as we set out on foot to explore Old Quebec. The city sits atop a hill and is surrounded by a wall. 

the old hotel

Cannons lined the wall
There is a boardwalk area along the waterfront with some great views.

Maasdam in port
Three hundred ten steps took us to the top of the hill where the Citadel is located. It still houses the 22nd military regiment. 

Fun times in the Citadel.

A 45 minute carriage ride took us around the city where we saw a few things we wouldn't have seen on our own.

This cannon ball was never moved from where it landed and the tree has grown around it.

Half of the ride took us outside the one of the gates around the Parliament building and through a large park containing the Fields of Abraham.

After we got done strolling we went back to our rooms for a little while and tried to figure out what else there was to do. A ferry takes people and cars 1 Km across the water to the city of Levis and provides great views of Old Quebec. Unfortunately the city faces east so the sun was right behind it preventing any good pictures. The ride was fun, and afterwards we strolled through the boutiques.
The ship left right at 1700

cute t-shirt

Old Quebec is a beautiful city which we enjoyed visiting. 

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