Wednesday, February 17, 2016



Today we took the bus to Santiago. When we arrived in Valparaiso yesterday the taxi/tour desk tried to convince us to pay $140 for hotel to hotel transportation. We declined. Funny thing is the cab ride from the B&B to the bus station in Valparaiso cost more than the luxury bus ride from Valparaiso to Santiago. The cab was $8.87, the bus was $8.57 (for both of us). Once we got to Santiago we hired a cab to take us to our hotel. The cab driver, David, spoke little English, but asked us where we were from. When we told him Utah he asked if we are "Mormones". Turns out David is "Mormones", a returned missionary from the Chile Osorno mission. He asked if we would like to hire him for a city tour. Normally we would have declined, but Jim said he was happy to help out a fellow Mormon. We had a nice afternoon with David. He first took us to the large tower that has a huge shopping center in it including the Hard Rock Cafe'. Next a quick stop at the temple, followed by a ride to the top of a hill with a beautiful statue of the Madonna.

There were several painted crosses around the Madonna.

The tower on the left is where the HRC is located.

Pedestrian walkway to get across the highway.

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