Monday, June 4, 2012

TUESDAY, 29 MAY 2012

Jim and I got up this morning and drove around the countryside looking for photo ops of the rolling countryside of Stephenson County Illinois. 

The early settlers in Freeport built a pretzel factory in the mid 1800's. The factory is long gone, but the pretzel logo remains as our high school mascot.

Jim and Sean went golfing in the late morning. In early afternoon I met up with Beth and the boys, then we drove to Rockford and met up with the guys and went to the Anderson Japanese Gardens.

Great Nephew Colton

Great Nephew Brett
Linda put on a wonderful dinner tonight for us along with Hazel Dorsey (my mom’s best friend when we lived in Freeport), my half brother Herb and his wife Lucy, and my nephew, Joe (Fortney) Maurer (son of my other half brother, Dean) and his wife, Bean. It was a wonderful evening. Family is the most important gift Heavenly Father has given us.
Deb Davis and Hazel Dorsey

Hazel Dorsey

Me and my brothers, Herb Henning and Hank Fortney

Herb Henning

Bean and Joe Maurer (my oldest nephew) and Deb Davis

Bean and Joe Maurer

Me and some of my favorite guys!

Deb, Joe, Bean, and Hank

Deb, Hazel, and Linda

Bean and Joe Maurer

Herb Henning and Deb Davis

Me and my brothers

Linda and Hazel
It was a wonderful evening filled with family and friends.

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