Monday, June 4, 2012



Today was the day we had decided to head for home. Angie was planning to come over in the morning so we could see her and the kids, but Nikki ruptured her Achille’s tendon yesterday, so they were a little tied up visiting doctor’s today. Jim and I spent the morning cleaning the cabin and packing. Linda fixed us yummy biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Beth and the boys joined us, so we got to say good-bye to them. Hank came home around 1300, we visited for an  hour, then said good-bye to him and Linda, and headed north for Madison.

First stop was the University of Wisconsin campus. It is built on a large hill. Zach is a big fan, so we stopped at the bookstore and got him a few things.

Next stop, Minneapolis/St.Paul. They are located on the mighty Mississippi. I got on while we were driving and bid for a 3 ½ star hotel for $40 and got the Doubletree Inn by Hilton in Bloomington, near the Mall of America! Gotta love priceline.

Before checking into the hotel we stopped at Mounds Park, in St. Paul, one of four places Jim found that are listed has having good views of the Mississippi. We arrived as the sun was setting and decided to return early tomorrow for sunrise.

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