Saturday, June 5, 2010


The eastern most strip of Morocco is controlled by Spain, hence the name Spanish Morocco. Ceuta is a small city with not a lot to see or do.

Ceuta is 10 miles from the city of Gibralter, which means the rock of Gibralter is visible from it. Gibralter is controlled by Great Britain.

When we woke up this morning we could see it in the distance. The bad news is we could also see all the pollution that hangs out above the water.

The Pillars of Hercules stand on either side of the harbor entrance.

We got off of the ship with Brynn and Eunice, and Steve and Wendy and walked into town.

The roundabout at the entrance to the old city has a statue of Christopher Columbus.

There is an old wall with a moat surrounding it.

The central market had a bustling fish market in it that was fun to walk around.

After wandering around for three hours Jim and I went back to the ship to eat lunch, while the others went shopping (are you getting the idea that we are not shoppers?). After lunch I laid out by the pool and Jim wandered around Ceuta taking pictures.

Shortly before leaving the captain announced that he would take the ship across the strait to do an hour of scenic cruising around the Rock of Gibralter.

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